A new genre of mobile fantasy sports for sports bar restaurants, hospitality, and sports teams
Kicking Off in Fall 2017
New Genre of Mobile Fantasy Sports Tournaments
Engage repeat-visit sports fans...
  • Sports bar restaurants
  • Business travel hotels
  • Sports teams & sponsors
Automated platform for...
  • Loyalty rewarded with prizes
  • Day-of-week promotions
  • New user referrals
How to Reach 55M Fantasy Sports Fans?
Traditional Season-Long Fantasy?
  • Only 1-2 weekends of engagement at start of sports season
  • Limited primarily to NFL football
Daily Fantasy?
  • Takes too long to enter a contest
  • Cash entry fees, legal restrictions
  • Casual users churn-out due to professional sharks
JoustNow: mobile fan engagement
  • Free, fast, social engagement over multi-day periods
  • Integrates brand into sports experience & conversations
Mobile Sports Engagement for Casual Fans
Sticky fan engagement for days
  • Week/month/season-long contests with prizes
Fast, free, simple & social
  • Users rewarded for skill & multi-day engagement
Real-time competition & social conversation
  • Not just another "brand" app with trivia and news
Customers play in-venue or outside
  • Incentives to play in sports bar, hotel or stadium/venue
  • Brand visibility on mobile devices inside & outside venue
Automated Platform - No Staff Training
Loyalty Rewards Platform: social fun & incentives
  • Multi-day tournaments with in-venue prizes
  • Social and competitive engagements
  • Email Reminders
New Users via online Friend Referrals
  • Users share "wins" and brag to their friends
  • Fantasy sports fans typically bring 3-5 friends
It's simple! No new tablets or tech training
  • Intuitive contests on customer's mobile phones
  • No handling of paper receipts or POS integration
Automated day-of-week promotional platform
  • Special prize nights on Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs
About JoustNow
Improve customer loyalty
Motivate customers to bring in friends
Expand business on low-volume nights

Mike Matthys
CEO & Founder
Daily Joust, VeriFone, NebuAd

Senthil Kanagaratnam
Advisor - Technology
Yahoo, VeriFone, ItsOn

Phil Trask
Head of BusDev
NTN BuzzTime